Inverness Creative Academy
Inverness Creative Academy Access

In 2020, WASPS were awarded £50,000 towards their refurbishment of the former Royal Academy building in Inverness. Funds were used to improve the toilets in the building and additional works to the lift. Situated in the Crown area of the city, the Creative Academy offers high quality, affordable work spaces for creative and social enterprises. The development also includes the creation of a community café and public exhibition space.

Inverness Creative Academy
Inverness Creative Academy Flooring

In 2022, a further £29,262 was awarded to the Creative Academy project. This grant was used by WASPS to refurbish the herringbone parquet flooring in the assembly hall downstairs where the new community café now sits. By repurposing this important building in the heart of Inverness, the project has provided the community with an excellent new amenity and the wider Highlands area with an inspiring creative destination.